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Deputy Sheriff Bailiff

Under general supervision, Deputy Sheriff Bailiffs maintain courtroom order and security during trials, enforce courtroom rules of behavior, and oversee the transportation of incarcerated individuals, alongside other law enforcement and crime prevention tasks as assigned. They focus primarily on bailiff duties, contrasting with Deputy Sheriffs who handle a broader range of law enforcement responsibilities such as crime investigation, area patrolling, detainee supervision and transportation, and public safety.


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Duties include:

As a Bailiff, your responsibilities include maintaining courtroom security and order, enforcing behavior rules, escorting jurors, preparing incarcerated individuals for court, assisting judges, calling witnesses, providing information, confiscating contraband, potentially restraining individuals, making arrests if needed, serving legal papers, supervising detainees, transporting inmates when necessary, preparing reports, and performing assigned duties.

Successful candidates must have experience as a peace officer and must possess a valid California Basic POST Certificate

As required by state law, candidates for Deputy Sheriff classifications must have the following qualifications  A high school graduate or passing the General Education Development (GED) test or other high school equivalency test approved by CDE, or completion of at least 60 college units from an accredited or approved institution to apply.

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